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The Firm currently maintains its independence. Nonetheless, in the past few years a cooperation has been established with a group of eminent local and foreign law firms in order to draw on the strengths and experiences of our partners and ensure that the quality of the services offered will continue to be recognized in major transactions and the enhancing the value of the legal support offered to our clients.


Besides the affiliation in the form of the Attorney Alliance, the Firm regularly cooperates with a number of Hungarian attorneys and law firms. In addition, the Firm has long standing cooperation arrangements with several foreign law firms, including Clyde and Co. in England and Jenner & Block in the US, whom we would be pleased to instruct at your request.


The Firm’s internal computer and communication network has been developed and maintained by one of the most eminent service providers to guarantee the seamless and continuous support that our clients have become accustomed to.

The Firm has outsourced its and the Firm’s clients’ accounting and tax planning requirements to a team of professional advisors that amongst other services recently completed the development of a digitalized accounting and financial reporting system. Through this strategic cooperation, the Firm is capable of offering assistance in the creation of tax optimization strategies and the provision of investment and tax advice.


In accordance with Section 23 subparagrah 5 of the Act on the Legal Profession 1998 XI and pursuant to the rules No. 2/2006 (III.20.9) of the Hungarian Bar Association about the attorney alliance, Horváth S Attila Attorneys at Law and his colleagues resolved on 20th of November 2006 to establish an attorney alliance (“Attorney Alliance”) as follows: 
The aim of the Attorney Alliance: The aim of the Attorney Alliance is to cooperate in rendering legal services to principals. 
The name of the Attorney Alliance: Horváth and Partners Attorney Alliance. The members are authorised to use the name of the Attorney Alliance in their legal services activities as they relate to the thematic scope of the Attorney Alliance. 
Registered seat of the Attorney Alliance: Budapest 1051, Arany János street 7.